Prague Hostels

Hostel Miles

Hostel Miles in Prague is located in the center of the city of Prague which is always going to be a bonus for anybody that is looking for an inexpensive place to stay during their time there. More Info

Hostel Letov

The hostel has a total of 20 rooms available and these are of various sizes as well as the number of beds that can be found in them. Hostel Letov

Hostel Liben

The facilities at Hostel Liben may be relatively basic, but they do cover everything that you will require during your stay.

ATS Hostel Jednota

As there is a 24 hour desk, it does clearly mean that there are staff around you all of the time. Book Now

Hostel Sinkule

Overall, Hostel Sinkule in Prague is well situated in the city and even though it may not be in the absolute heart of the city, it is still close enough for you to get to know what is around you without having to stray too far. Continue